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JPEE version 5.0 released

After a very long while, JPEE is re-factored and re-released to the general public sporting multiple feature enhancements as well as a new distribution format.

JPEE version 5.0 is now available as either a free 'Lite' version or as a Professional upgrade with the free version only limited by the number of recipients it can save (100 recipients) making it an ideal choice for casual users. The latest features make JPEE into a full mail merge solution as well as an extraction / verification / mailer tool. Some of the new features are:

* Complete Email Merge Solution
* Unlimited Custom Tag support
* Conditional Tag support
* Inline Image Attachments
* Custom Message Style Creation
* Text OR HTML Message Editor
* Message Custom Tag Preview
* Custom Mail Header support
* Scheduled Mailings
* Multi-threaded
* Customizable Import from CSV or TSV delimited lists
* Customizable Import from vCard formated lists
* Create and save multiple messages for each recipient list
* Pre-Delivery E-mail Verification
* Comprehensive Post-Delivery Verification & Feedback
* Direct Sending using Internal Mail Transfer Agent
* Authenticated SMTP delivery (Prompted or Unprompted)
* SSL Secure Sending support
* Multiple SMTP Account support
* Filterable & Comprehensive Email Parsing Funtionality
* Create Customized E-mail Data Parsing Scripts
* Available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix

Posted: Mon - May 22, 2006 at 11:01 AM        
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