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JPEE Email Utility Now On Vista

JPEE version 5.3.4 released with support for Windows Vista

With the release of JPEE version 5.3.4 comes a new ported version of JPEE for Microsoft latest operating system, Windows Vista, sporting a new and improved software deployment system. With the new Vista UAC (user access control) security measures, all version of Windows now store user specific JPEE data to folder in the user home directory named JPEE_Data where preferences will be stored.

NOTE: No smaller update file is provided for this release. Users who wish to update to version 5.3.4, are recommended to uninstall their earlier versions of JPEE prior to updating to this latest version. Users are then recommended to download and install the full v5.3.4 installation package.

User data files (i.e. JPEE_Prefs) should be backed up for re-use and relocation to the new version. The licensing algorithm remains unchanged and will remain unaffected for user's machines who have already been activated to the pro version.

In addition to overall software feature enhancements, Vista / JPEE users will gain an improvement in user experience with regards to auto launching files from Windows Explorer, loading project files into a single instance of JPEE.

The new Vista JPEE installer detects the presence of Java on users local machines and if unavailable offers the option to install the bundled JRE that is provided within the installer. The bundled Java JRE sports the latest Sun java software (version 6 code named 'mustang') providing the best available user experience for Vista users.

Note, the Vista installer is a separate package from the other window installation packages (98,ME,NT,2k,XP) which is still available in the from the Niagara Software, JPEE website .

Posted: Mon - March 19, 2007 at 12:48 PM        
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