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Sat - January 21, 2012

JP v5.4.7 updates licensing

JPEE version 5.4.7 updates the licensing algorithm

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Wed - September 30, 2009

JPEE v5.4 is released!

JPEE v 5.4 serves as a maintenance release.

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Mon - March 19, 2007

JPEE Email Utility Now On Vista

JPEE version 5.3.4 released with support for Windows Vista

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Tue - December 26, 2006

PayPal payment processing integrated into JP webstore

Niagara Software adds payment handler PayPal to the JPEE web store improving the customer purchase experience. Users can license JPEE using a credit card without having a PayPal account. Users continue to have the option use Esellerate to purchase JPEE if they so choose.

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Tue - July 18, 2006

JPEE site new user software support area

JPEE home web site now includes several quick start tutorials to help get new users quick access to some of JPEE's basic features.

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Mon - May 22, 2006

JPEE version 5.0 released

After a very long while, JPEE is re-factored and re-released to the general public sporting multiple feature enhancements as well as a new distribution format.

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