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JP 5.3 adds support for custom or conditional tags in user defined message headers.

JP 5.3 adds support for individualized recipient values embedded in custom mail message headers.

JPEE version 5.3 adds support for individualized custom mail message header tags. Users specify a header name and user defined custom or conditional value which can be invoked using platform specific contextual menus. Windows, Unix and Mac Mighty Mouse users can access contextual menus using a right mouse click in the value text field. Standard Mac mouse users can use the traditional control key + mouse click.

Users may also simply type the name of the custom tag surrounded by double brackets ( [[ ]] ) on either side of the term. Once the custom tag has been defined the JPEE email merge software will automatically updated each message with the appropriate recipient values.

Posted: Mon - July 10, 2006 at 10:11 PM        
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